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Easy Voter Guide-candidates for Governor

California Governor debate 2010 by Californiality, a California blog

California Candidate Debates Exclude Alternative Voices

My turn: We must strengthen the Institution of Marriage in the Burlington FreePress

California Governor's "Green Debate" Excludes Greens in the Independent Political Report seems to have been sourced from Green Change

For Californians, 13 is Truly an Unlucky Number

California candidates support "Green New Deal"

YouTube videos that I have located....

...speaking at the Alameda County fundraiser August 15, 2010



..... in a series of video clips Talking about reforming Prop 13 on August 15, 2010


Talking about the state bank solution


Talking about schools and the local economy


Speaking at the Green Party of the United States National Meeting in Detroit June 2010


Interviewed on Fox News March 17, 2010 when asked about health care-taxing the rich a party to announce her candidacy February 17, 2010

Not about Laura, but a great video made by the Green Party in England

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