Green Solutions

It has been our experience that these are some of the solutions

for personal and planetary transformation:

Bioregional communities:

We have been involved with the formation of intentional communities for over 20 years. We feel community living is an important solution for living more sustainably. We live in one in San Mateo, CA ....primarily,San San Mateo EcoviallagSan Mateo Ecovillage, and have helped create several others.

Social/Political Activism:

My activism includes being a member of the San Mateo County Council of the Green Party in California and I am also the co-chair of the CA delegation to the National Committee of the Green Party of the United States and from 2008-2010 was one of 7 co-chairs of GPUS. And if you are saying to yourself, Green Party, they are spoilers, think again.

Sustainable Agriculture

Beekeeping: We are enjoying our most recent hobby, keeping the bees and sharing their honey.

Extensive organic gardens: We have many gardening projects, growing lots of vegetables as well as a variety of fruit trees and flowers. We also raise chickens, primarily as part of the composting process and for eggs.

Communi-tea: This project provides solutions to improving your soil biology so that your plants grow better. This is based on a scientific next step to improve organic agriculture provided by Elaine Ingham, founder of the Soil Foodweb.

Networking: We work with others to demonstrate our values and have provided links to resources on a variety of issues reflecting our values relating to sustainability: community, sustainable agriculture and building, holistic health, and spirituality.


So who are we?



These are websites I have developed for communities which we are helping to grow.

San Mateo Ecovillage
south of San Francisco, California
Dragon Belly Farm
Olympic Peninsula,Washington

Villa Cornucopia
Vidracco, Piedmonte, Italy

These are other communities with which we are involved.
Enchanted Garden
San Diego, California
Our partner is the original enchanted gardener, Leslie Goldman
a spiritual community in the Piedmonte Region of northern Italy
See videos from You Tube: a brief sacred dance in the Temple of Human Kind and interviews with two Damanhur ambassadors, Crotolo and Esperide

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And of course my life also includes dancing, travel, more recently drumming, and .....

My husband, Brian, works for United, and we make very good use of the flight benefits provided by that job. As a teacher I had more holidays than he does so have taken some trips without him. My first trip using the benefits was to Costa Rica in 1997 for a month in an attempt to improve my Spanish followed by a trip to Thailand in 1998. We took a trip together to Europe in 1999. I went to Germany for the World's Fair with my sister in October 2000. In December 2000, Brian and I celebrated the summer solstice in Australia. Some of the highlights of that trip include a visit to Kookaburra Ecovillage We also visited the Osho Mevlana Community near Byron Bay and had an interesting stopover at a beautiful Taoist Temple.In April 2001, we traveled to Thailand. In June, it was amazing South Africa. In October I revisited Damanhur, a spiritual community in Northern Italy and then back to South Africa in January 2002. In April 2002, we went to Cuba with Global Exchange and in October, I returned to Damanhur. In December, Brian and I visited Panama. In April 2003 we both returned to Damanhur to check out the house we had helped purchase, Villa Cornucopia, and to make contact with the Italian family with whom we would share that house and again in the fall of 2004. In December 2004, we went to Beijing, China with a day trip to the Great Wall. We returned to China in April 2005. In October 2005, we traveled closer to home, to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico where we became quite enthralled with the art of the Hichol Indians, and purchased pieces from several galleries. In December 2005, we made a last minute decision to go to Egypt.

I will have to think back abouat our travels in 2006 and 2007 as I did not update this portion of my website for awhile. In October of 2008, we enjoyed a week in Austria and then a trip back to Damanhur for a second week.I retired from teaching in July 2009, which opened even more travel possibilities. In Septemer of 2009 we brought one of our oldest friends to Europe with us, her first trip, and we spent a week on the beautiful Dolomites of N. Italy with day trips to Lago de Garda, Venice, and Verona. I will add links soon.


barOh, did I mention that I have pet boas and love to cook?


Early Lindy Hop
Lindy Dancing in the Bay area
Radical Urban Boogie


Home Exchange
Lonely Planet
Reality Tours (Global Exchange)
SERVAS International





Websites that are significant to us and reflect our values:

This portion of he site was developed many years ago when it was common just to have lists of links. Some are still quite interesting so I will leave them for the time being.




Cohousing Research and Education


Intentional Communities
Retrofit Cohousing

Sustainable Agriculture

Ask Dr. Weil
Aspartame (Nutrasweet) Toxicity Information Center
Information about Genetically Engineered food.
Millennium Restaurant Information
Natural Food Hub
Patch Adams
The Virtual Vegetarian


Political and Social Activism

Beautiful Zapatista Corn Art--see opportunities to support these courageious indigenous people through Schools for Chiapas.


More recently, I have been excited about the potential of sharing information, particularly related to activism. In 2009 I began by using an amazing little application on my iPhone called qik.  It enabled me to turn my iPhone3G into a video camera and stream to the net... for instance, this is a video of the Green Party candidate for governor, Laura Wells. I used this technology extensively through 2009 and most of 2010 and shot lots of qik videos. The quality is not the best, but the phone was always in my pocket.

I have since improved my technology. I also have gathered resources about Laura including a video shot mid-August with my new IPhone4.


Any thoughts you want to share with me....


minimally updated 3/10 though I haven't checked validity of all the links



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